Just Me

So I have made so many changes to my life. I started this blog last year with the attitude and goal of changing my life. I needed to feel alive again! To wake up from the funk and hell I’d been living for over a year. Well everything in my life has changed since then. I have an ex that I was with for 6 years. I’ve dated for the first time in my life. I’ve traveled by myself, had adventures; some I’ll share others I wont. New towns, new home, new guy, new job, basically new life all together. I’m pushing 30 in a few short months and currently excepting my first child!! Yes, exciting year! Yes, crazy year! And, yes it feels so good!! I have a lot of surprises ahead for this year and I’m so excited to see where they lead me. My blog is taking on a completely different look this year. Complete makeover if you will. I know I’m an entirely different person then the person that sit and wrote a few simple blogs last year. Sit back and enjoy, or don’t, either way it’s up to you!!


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